The FOAMcast Mission

We  believe in the educational merits of Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM), which includes podcasts, blogs, articles on PubMed Central, conferences streamed for free and more.  As a result, we would like to encourage others to move beyond quoting podcasts and into the realm of tying “cutting edge” FOAM to the core content.  On this podcast we’ll review FOAM and tie it to core content, providing some review and references for listeners to read on their own, as well as board review questions donated by Adam Rosh of the Rosh Review.

(n) - the melding of core Emergency Medicine texts, Rosen's and Tintinalli.

Rosenalli (n.) – the melding of core Emergency Medicine texts, Rosen’s and Tintinalli.

This isn’t a substitute for learning on one’s own but an example as to how to connect core content with cutting edge FOAM.  Why, indeed, should we FOAM it alone?

Jeremy Faust

Emergency Medicine PGY-4

Twitter: @jeremyfaust

Lauren Westafer

Emergency Medicine PGY-3

Blogs at “The Short Coat

Twitter: @LWestafer


Email:  FOAMpodcast@gmail.com

Twitter: @FOAMpodcast

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  1. Love the podcast! The RSS link only seems to download the text from the website. Do you have a direct link for those of us with Android who want to subscribe to the audio podcast?

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